Distance meters

Distance (or farness) is a numerical description of how far apart objects are. In physics or everyday discussion, distance may refer to a physical length, or an estimation based on other criteria (e.g. "two counties over"). In mathematics, a distance function or metric is a generalization of the concept of physical distance. A metric is a function that behaves according to a specific set of rules, and is a concrete way of describing what it means for elements of some space to be "close to" or "far away from" each other. In most cases, "distance from A to B" is interchangeable with "distance between B and A".

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Created on: 22 May 2013

NEW: The new Leica DISTO™ D510 stands for easy and effortless outdoor distance measurement. The unique combination of digital Pointfinder and 360° tilt sensor allows measurements which are not possible with conventional distance meters. In addition, with Bluetooth® Smart and attractive free apps, you are prepared for the future. Pointfinder with 4x zoom IP65 water jet protection and dust-tight 360° tilt sensor Smart Horizontal Mode™ Height tracking Bluetooth® Smart Free App – Leica DISTO™ sketch Available from end of February 2013!

Created on: 06 July 2013

Created on: 30 May 2013

We have evolved from the stooping position, so why use a measuring tool with a distance display down by the wheel? Get fast, accurate measurements for on-site Linear, Area and Volume estimates. Built-in functions automatically calculate and store Square Footage, Volume and more for up to nine different areas. Works in and converts in all U.S. and Metric units. Weighs just 3 lbs. – includes convenient kickstand, wrist strap and easy-to-understand User's Guide. It helps you solve: Calculate and store Linear and Area measurements. Roll and label the "Length" and "Width" to find Area, or store and recall later. Stores multiple units of measurement. Works in and converts between Feet-Inches, Decimal Feet, Decimal Inches, Yards and Acres. Built-in user Memory for accumulating counts of measurements. For:Contractors, Estimators, Engineers, Landscapers, Paving Contractors, Fencing Specialists, Real Estate Pros, Utility Personnel, Surveyors, Police Work, Facility Engineers, Telecommunications Contractors Calculates and stores Linear distances, square Area, and cubic Volume measurements. Roll and label the "Length" and "Width" to find an Area or store and recall...

Created on: 30 May 2013

Advanced Linear Digital Plan Measure   The recently updated Scale Master® Pro XE makes it easy to do Linear, Area and Volume takeoffs with speed, accuracy and confidence when estimating, bidding or planning. The new ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold, and the dual LCD displays make it much easier to read. Use it on plans, blueprints and maps as well as out of scale drawings. It has 91 built-in Scales; 50 Imperial (Feet-Inch) units and 41 Metric, (including ten custom scales for out-of-scale drawings) for maximum versatility with architectural, engineering and civil scales. The PC Interface (cable sold separately) lets you transfer rolled values from the Scale Master® Pro XE directly into commonly used spreadsheets or estimating programs, saving countless keystrokes, saving time and reducing the potential for costly transcribing errors. It helps you: Complete takeoffs with speed and accuracy Reduce errors in estimates and bids Improve productivity and maximize profitability Create permanent record of dimensions and values Interfaces with PC spreadsheets or estimating programs For: Contractors, Estimators, Engineers, Landscapers, Pipeline Builders,...

Created on: 16 May 2014

Specifications 1.Height Measuring Range: 3-23m 2.Plane Measuring Range: 3-18m 3.Resolution: 5mm ( <10m ), 10mm (>1) 4.Backlight Display

Created on: 22 May 2013

The Leica DISTO D2 is the smallest laser measuring instrument, smaller than many mobile phones and packed with easy to use functions. With a 1.5mm measuring accuracy, the Leica DISTO D2 laser measure has a range of 60 metres, ideal for many professional internal distance measuring applications. The functions are easy to use and is a true laser measure at a very competitive price supported with a 3 Year Warranty. Handy and easy-to-useThe Leica DISTO D2 features a small ergonomic, compact design, with soft grip that sits securely in your hand and fits into any pocket.

Created on: 16 October 2013

Self-leveling It is not necessary to tediously align the device to obtain horizontal or vertical lin Very easy to see laser lines It is possible, e.g. Exact 90° angle Alignment work, such as marking 90° angles, is performed at the touch of a button. Lock function You can manually switch off the self-levelling using the lock function.

Created on: 30 May 2013

GrgoWheel        PRE001-PEM50    Wheel Diameter     6 " (158.9mm)                    -Material     ABS Plastic/Friction Resistant PU Tyre Leather    Handle     -Zeroing     Yes                    -Turnable     Yes    Display     -Zeroing     Yes                    -Smallest distance     10cm                    -Biggest distance     999.99m     Extracted     1026 mm     Contracted     435 mm     Storage...